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    Aluminium masts

    Aluminium truss masts are characterized by lightweight, high stiffness and high durability of structure
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    Standalone tower 42 cm wide

    Wieże wolnostojące bez odciągów lin

Aluminium truss mast 90 cm wide

Aluminium truss masts are characterized by lightweight, high stiffness and high durability of structure.

We present you mast which has utility equipment mounted at the tip. The mast can stand much more than its own weight. Usually, masts are used to build wireless or meteorological, or monitoring networks, or either be as an element of wind turbine because this is the easiest way to lift your equipment above buildings, trees, etc. Light-truss structure is designed to counter wind responses. The material - aluminium - they are made from provides corrosion resistance.

Current price list of masts 90 cm wide

Spatial truss of the cross section in the shape of an equilateral triangle with the side of 90 cm wide

Permissible max. mass of mounted antennas is 90 - 120kg on area up to 2,5m2 - 3,5m2

Height (m) Product code / Permissible mass Quantity of segments (pieces) Weight (kg) Radius of stay ropes (m) Net price* (EUR) mast Catalog cards
H=10 M90/10/502/252/3025 / do 2,5m2 do 80kg 2 55 5-7 -
H=15 M90/15/502/252/3025 / do 2,5m2 do 90kg 3 82 7,5-10 -
H=20 M90/20/502/252/302 / do 2,5m2 do 90kg 4 109 10-13 -
H=25 M90/25/503/252/3025 / do 2,5m2 do 90kg 5 138 12,5-17 -
H=30 M90/30/503/252/3025 / do 2,5m2 do 90kg 6 165 15-20 -
H=35 M90/35/503/252/3025 / do 2,5m2 do 90kg 7 215 17,5-23 -
H=40 M90/40/503/252/3025 / do 2,5m2 do 90kg 8 287 20-27 -
H=45 M90/45/504/252/3025 / do 3,5m2 do 120kg 9 374 22,5-30 -
H=50 M90/50/504/252/3025 / do 3,5m2 do 120kg 10 416 25-33,5 -

* The price without 23% VAT

SHIPPING AND TRANSPORT We handle our masts moving in the entire country and the nearest neighbors of Poland. Shipping rates: 0,6 EUR netto per km to destination point. If You want to pick it up on Your own please make arrangements with us.
COMPLETION TERM Completion term is always set individually for every order. It does not exceed 30 days since the moment when order was confirmed with prepayment (20% of brutto amount)
WARRANTY Mantis warrants to the original purchaser that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of (3) years from date of purchase. The warranty does not apply to damages caused by meteorological forces, improper use or purposeful use of third party, unauthorized modification or repair, or used in an application for which it was not intended.
A PAYMENT METHOD Payment methods accepted:
- Cash in person
- Direct money transfer to BGŻ account: 59 2030 0045 1110 0000 0228 7370
(To smooth payment process please entitle the transfer "number of invoice" )
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